Everything’s better with peanut butter.


A story years in the making...

Lucy and Andrew grew up as kiddies in Washington, DC. They spent Saturdays playing baseball and eating bagels with peanut butter. Dani and Caro grew up 5000 miles south, in Córdoba, Argentina. They spent their weekends just a little differently (think asados and Sunday school).

Dani moved to the US, went to culinary school and met Andrew who was making pizza at a farmers market. They opened Timber Pizza and then Call Your Mother. Oh, they also fell in love and got married in Patagonia, Argentina in 2021.

It’s all about the nuts!

While in Argentina, we tried LOTS of peanut butter and fell in love with the flavor and consistency.

Since peanuts are indigenous to South America, we were inspired to highlight the region where the peanuts are grown. Córdoba peanuts are naturally sweeter making our PB sweet and delicious, all without nasty additives like sugar and palm oil.

Lots of cross-continental Zoom calls and WhatsApp messages later, One Trick Pony was born. The world’s best peanuts make the best peanut butter. That’s the trick.

“Andrew eats more peanut butter than anybody in the world... 5 tablespoons to start the day… It was financially responsible to start a PB company.” — Dani