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Nutrition Facts?

Kinda Crunchy Nutrition Facts

Do I need to refrigerate my PB?

This is totally personal preference. Refrigerated peanut butter will be thicker (and can help reduce oil separation). Pantry peanut butter will be more drizzly. See the comparison!  

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Email us at hello@onetrickponynuts.com for pricing and info for our retail jars and food service tubs. We're also on Faire

How long will my OTP stay fresh?

Every jar has an expiration date printed on it. Once you've popped that top, we recommend using within three months. But who are we kidding... you know it will be gone loooong before that! 

Can I cook or bake with this peanut butter? 

Absolutely. Sweet, savory...peanut butter can do it all. Check out some of our recipes here or on our instagram

What are others saying about One Trick Pony?

Only good things... (we hope)! Read some on Thingtesting


Our peanut butter is processed in a tree nut-free facility. 

How do I manage my Subscription?

Click 'sign in' at the top of our website to access your subscription dashboard. From there, you can edit frequency, swap products, pause or cancel completely.